"Most churches do not want to be effective in reaching people enough to change."     Steve Stroope, Tribal Church

“The majority of professing Christians would not say their purpose in this life is to make disciples of all nations.”   David Platt, Follow Me


Making Disciples Who Make Disciples… Come & Know + Connect & Grow + Serve & Go

      It’s All About Jesus… Matthew 9-10; 28:18-20;   Ephesians 3-4;   Acts 2

Our Convictions determine  Our Values/Daily Decion-Making which sets Our Passions/Motivations.

     Vision > Mission/Purpose > Strategy/Blueprint/Map

     Our Vision must be Clear, Concise, Concrete, Compelling


What if…?     Dreaming BIG… imagine impossible, set goals, develop action plans, rely on God, keep a reign on pride, celebrate

     + What would you do for God if you knew you couldn't fail?

     + Are we here for God & His kingdom or are we here only when it fits our schedule of other events/commitments?

     + Are we followers of Christ or followers of many things including God just in our own way?


VISION 20/20… 2020 salvations in 2020

     The Goal: Pearcy Baptist Church to reach, baptize & begin discipling 2020 new believers in the year 2020.

     The Kingdom Goal: Help churches begin the process of change in order to reach their communities for Christ... whether they see 20,   200, 2020 or 20,000 saved in 2020, they will already be seeing lives transformed by Christ throughout the next 6 years…7 including the harvest year.


Vision 2020 Questions for Pearcy Baptist Church

1. What will our church and church members need to do in order to be prepared when God brings the harvest of 2020 souls into our church in 2020?

2. How must we change our church organizational structure to be prepared for this harvest?

3. How must we change our discipleship structure?

4. How must we change our ministry structure?

5. How must we change our evangelism structure?

6. How must we change the way we do church?

7. How must we change our physical campus?

8. How must we change our staff?

9. How must we change our stewardship?

10. How will we disciple our preschoolers, now and the next 7 years, so they can reach their elementary school classes?

11. How will we disciple our children, now and the next 7 years, so they can reach their high school classmates, teams and teachers?

12. How will we disciple our teenagers, now and the next 7 years, so they can reach their college campuses, friends and co-workers?

13. How will we disciple our college students and young adults to disciple their unborn, as yet, children?

14. How will we disciple our adults and senior adults in order for them to disciple young families so that those families will be strong witnesses for our communities?

15. How must we disciple new parents to be ready to assist their children as they invite their friends from school?

16. How must we plant churches in order to be prepared for this harvest?

17. How must we give to missions in order to help others prepare?

18. How must we preach in order to prepare for this harvest?

19. How must we worship in order to prepare for this harvest?

20. How must we train and develop church leaders and ministers?


Making Disciples… evangelizing unbelievers, experiencing fellowship, worship, bible study with other believers

Maturing Believers… being spiritually transformed, equipping for ministry, developing accountability, learning to be leaders

Multiplying Ministries… participating in ministry inside, participating in missions outside, reproducing themselves in/thru others


Seeing 20/20…   So What?     NEXT STEPS    

   + COME worship                      + KNOW life-change/transformation

   + COONECT fellowship             + GROW discipleship    

   + SERVE ministry                     + GO evangelism


~ How will I become more like Christ?    

~ Whom will I share Christ with in 2014?   ~ Whom will I disciple in 2014?

~ How will I be a healthy church member in 2014 so we are ready for 2020?