What to Expect

Who We Are… 
   We are a church of believers in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord of our lives. We trust Jesus as the only way of salvation, forgiveness of sin and peace with God. We are not perfect, but we are trusting God and growing daily in a relationship with Jesus Christ by allowing the Holy Spirit to make us more and more like Jesus.
   We still have habits, attitudes and sin that create problems in our daily lives and relationships, even within the church. We are guided by God’s Holy Word, the Bible, to correct and deal with all our sin. We realize we need one another to help in this process by giving love and grace to one another.    
   We are on mission to help others in our community, state, nation and around the world to Come & Know, Connect & Grow and Serve & Go all for God’s glory.      
What We Believe…
   God’s Word: the Bible; reveals God to us through Jesus Christ. It is truth and is without error. It is the story of God and is relevant     for life today. 
   God: the only God; holy, perfect, just, loving and merciful; God is set apart, but He is active and concerned about our lives.
   Jesus Christ: God’s Son; 100% God, 100% human; He is sinless and provides the only way of forgiveness of sin and the                 meaning of life.
   Holy Spirit: God’s Spirit; seals our hearts in salvation and guides us to become more like Jesus every day.
   Church: a local community of believers; God calls and places each believer in a church for growth in Christ and so the church           can be built up and function as the body of Christ.   
   Salvation: God’s redemption of man provided for by Jesus and sealed by the Spirit; a work of God, not of man; once we are             saved by Jesus, we cannot lose our salvation; we live together in community as God’s ambassadors.

Contact our pastor, a member of our church staff or a ministry leader regarding other beliefs and our methods of ministry.     

Why We Do What We Do…
   We strive in everything we do, as the church, to fulfill a biblical purpose and that those principles are transferable to our individual lives as they go out in the world.
     Come… worship 
     Know… life change      
     Connect… biblical fellowship 
     Grow… discipleship 
     Serve… ministry 
     Go… evangelism