What To Expect...

We are committed to making disciples of Jesus Christ who make disciples their entire life.

We strive to help everyone become a disciple of Jesus, matrue as a disciple and invest their lives into others by inviting friends, family, neighbors, co-workers to Come & Know {worship}, Connect & Grow {Bible Studies} and Serve & Go {ministry}.


We have times of WORSHIP that are fun, creative and current to today's life journey. Our worship times last about one hour and involve singing and practical teaching from the Bible in a relaxing, loving casual atmosphere for the entire family. We want everyone to have a time of worship during the week.

     Morning Worship... Sundays @ 10:00am - worship center

     Sunday Evening Connection... Sundays @ 5pm - Facebook Live until August

     Children's Church... (Kindergarten-3rd Grade)   Sundays @ 10:30am - children's center #108

     Ignition... (6th-12th Grades)   Wednesdays @ 6pm - upstairs in ministry center {gym}


We have BIBLE STUDIES that are transformational to individual's relationship with Jesus. Bible studies/Sunday School last about one hour and involve studying the Bible, discussing issues and needs, sharing life in a community atmosphere. We have groups for the entire family. We try to have everyone in a Bible study at sometime during the week.

     Sunday School... Sundays @ 11:00am after worship - ministry center {gym} & children's center

     Adult Bible Studies... Wednesdays @ 6pm - ministry center {gym}

     PB&J Club... (Kindertgarten-5th Grade)   Wednesdays @ 6pm - ministry center/children's center/preschool areas    


We have opportunities of MINISTRY in which all age groups have ministry responsibilities to serve our church family, community and world. Ministry teams can be joined at anytime by anyone with the purtpose of helping others right where they are and sharing Jesus with them. We want everyone to have a ministry responsibility so they are serving others weekly or at least monthly.



  July 2021